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Troy Family Bike Shop offers a wide variety of used road and mountain bikes for your purchase. Our selection rotates, so stop by or call to check current availability.


Among the bike styles we offer, you can expect to find carbon and aluminum framed used bikes, as well as fixie single-speed bikes.


As a cycling enthusiast who clocks 1,000 to 3,000 miles per year, our owner, Mike, can certainly assist you in selecting a used bike that would meet your needs. He wants to share his experiences with you...and you will certainly see the enthusiasm shining through when you stop in!


Get involved with cycling by visiting our shop.

Best Prices For Used Bikes

Whether you have a toddler who just need a nice balance bike, a child wanting his or her first two wheel bike, or the teenager ready to rip up the mountain bike trails, we can help you find the bike to fit your needs and budget.  


Come in today and let’s talk about get your child the bike that they will love to ride.

Premier bikes for kids

Installation and demonstration at no added cost!

Looking for your next bike? Give us a call now for personalized care!